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The Swiss Poster Collection is a critical selection of posters dating from 1970 to 2011. It was established by Swiss graphic designer Ruedi Ruegg and Professor Daniel Boyarski in 1985 as a teaching collection. Ruegg selected the posters and added to the Collection each year. The Collection contains works by designers such as Bill, Bruhwiler, Kulling, Leupin, Muller-Brockmann, Pfund, Ruegg, Troxler, and Weingart. Swiss posters are created for a variety of purposes, and use form, color, image, and typography to communicate ideas. They are immediate in impact, spontaneous, and often playful or humorous. Analyze the interplay of type and image, form and content. Enjoy the visual and cultural sophistication. Donated by Ruedi Ruegg, Switzerland. Supported by APG (Swiss Outdoor Advertising Company). Housed at Special Collections, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries. Sponsored by School of Design. More Information